The Marketing Analyst For The Public Sector

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Kyle Roberts, the newly appointed Vice President of Marketing at Westco, returns from a vacation to find numerous emails in his inbox. However, two specifically stick out to him. These emails from Oscar Herandez, the Advertising Channels Manager, and Susan Thompson, the Marketing Analyst for the Public Sector, involve conflict with their supervisor John Tucker. The perspectives and assumptions of the individuals and John as well as different organizational factors contribute to the situation. Kyle will have to decipher each of these and then decide how he will address the situations at hand. Westco will have to take initiatives to prevent such situations in the future. Susan Thompson emailed Kyle concerning her midyear performance review…show more content…
Meanwhile, John is stereotyping by believing Susan is not as committed as others because she had to work part-time to take care of her son. Organizational factors that contribute to this situation include inaccurate performance reviews and a lack of communication. Susan feels as though she had a stellar performance review, however was not recommended for the program with no explanation why. This eludes that John’s review was not honest and that there was a lack of communication in solving the issue. To encourage communication within the department, Kyle could implement regular meetings with direct supervisors that evaluate the status of projects and tasks. In addition, to establish a sense of fairness and respect for differences, Kyle could have John reevaluate his decision for MDP and communicate with his subordinates why they were or were not chosen. This would encourage open communication and make Susan feel that she had a fair chance for MDP. If she is chosen for the program, it could give her a sense of motivation and increase performance. In addition, as one of the few women in the workplace, she could provide a different perspective than the men in the office. The second email Kyle received was from Oscar, a Latino employee, hoping for the Retail Promotions Manager position. According to Oscar, John stated the position was not fit for someone “like [him].” He feels unappreciated and that John is not comfortable with Latino employees
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