The Marketing And Advertising Industry

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One of the most popular and controversial topics in today’s society happens once every four years; I am of course talking about the presidential election. During the presidential election, candidates from their respected parties dump millions of dollars into advertising and marketing to their campaigns in order to touch the lives of millions of Americans in order to potentially gain the vote individuals. During the most recent election, Clinton and Trump combined to raise a total of over $200 Million (Bloomberg). Although this seems like so much money in order to gain the backing of many, the marketing and advertising industry in 2015 has grown to be an almost 200 billion dollar a year industry according to Wall Street Journal (Dwoskin). I’m sure many people question why do we have to spend this much money to get consumers to purchase certain products, change their viewpoints and even develop new cultures. I too was curious on how this industry became so large and if spending over 200 billion dollars a year had a positive impact on consumer brand awareness. What is the history of Marketing and Advertising how has marketing and advertising changed over time and what trends will stay the same or what new ways will be developed in the future. Through Raymond Williams article Advertising, the Magic System as well as researching different articles and looking at the industries statistics, I strongly believe we can learn a lot through marketing and advertising to help strengthen…
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