The Marketing Aspect Of The Family Life Cycle For Frito Lay

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The Sun-Chips Multigrain Snacks product line appeared to the consumers eyes as a healthier society was just beginning to take shape. It was developed to provide alternative snacking to the aging baby boomers (Kerin, R., & Peterson, R. 2013). At this period in time, the marketing aspect of the family life cycle for Frito Lay was to impact the 18-34, with expansion to the 49 age bracket (Kerin, R., & Peterson, R. 2013). The family life cycle for healthy snacks or to touch all life cycle stages, would be an affordable alternative to a salty snack. Quick thoughts for the stages, single stage, quick, cost effective and saw their parents eat them, newlyweds have extra money before they have kids, they also will be more aware of what they and their kids eat once they have kids, full nest stages will be looking at staying healthy as well as saving money, Sun Chips can fill that gap. There are many theories to successful branding for products or companies. I remember that a professor in my undergrad mentioned that audience, being unique, being passionate, being consistent, being competitive and leadership (UNC, 1995). These factors are not a secret formula, you want your audience to have knowledge of your product, you want it to stand out, and your product should be passionate aligned with your audience, have consistent branding, be competitive in the segment group and most of all have people who can lead the product/brand thru the life cycle. Brand management and positioning for

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