The Marketing Campaign For Coca Cola

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This report will analyze the digital marketing campaign for the product which is Coca-Cola. “Share a Coke” is the name of the marketing campaign. In this report,it will analyze two categories of social media which is social publishing media and social community media. The two criteria which is add value and grow sales also marketing campaign is named “Share a Coke”.

Company and product background

Coca-Cola is a globalization carbonated soft drink company.My chosen product is Coco cola.It is a carbonated soft drink with a dark color. This report, it will talk about the marketing campaign which is called “Share a Coke”. Coca-cola had a strong brand profile, bottling partnership and strong global footprint emphasizing but sometimes the product quality have issues and need to recall.The company had changed the consumers preference and also it creating the opportunities in the health area. For the threats, the Coca-cola can not sell in anywhere . The main competitors is Pepsi it also mainly to provide the carbonated soft drink. It is the Coca-cola main competitor.

Literature Review

Coca-Cola is a globalization soft drink company. In 2014 summer, Coca-Cola has a new promotion of marketing campaign which is call “Share a Coke”. In the original, Coca-cola bottle will have a company logo in the bottle label ,this campaign the company replaced the logo to the 250 most popular name or message. Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealing that adspend on social

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