The Marketing Communications Mix Essay

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The Marketing Communications Mix A Consumer Service I have chosen to investigate Vodafone and their marketing campaign of the new 3G service. With 3G you can send and receive larger pieces of information. Not just voice, text messages and pictures, but video and music too. 3G allows you to: • Make video calls • Send video messages • Play the latest games • Listen to full music tracks • Watch TV on your phone To market this new service Vodafone are using various methods of communication. Firstly they have created a variety of television adverts which will be shown during commercial breaks of most top television channels. They will be put in commercial breaks of popular TV shows to maximise the audience, however it is…show more content…
There is also the problem of having to fit all the information you want to include into around 30 seconds of ad time. For Vodafone I feel this is a very good way of advertising. They are a big corporation and can clearly afford the high cost of television advertising. Also with the vast increase in mobile phone users their target audience is now huge and therefore will not be hard to reach. Poster advertising is another affective way to advertise however at a much lower cost. It is affective as posters are very difficult to ignore whilst walking to work, to the shops, stuck in traffic etc. There is also the opportunity to specifically target your geographical area and reach a very large number of people. The major disadvantage of poster advertising is that there are so many other posters we see every day, often at high speed travelling by car, bus or train. So for the poster to actually be remembered it must stand out from the rest, often with little words but strong graphics: Of course the major disadvantage is the fact that posters are usually seen on the move, often at 40 mph, and of the hundreds we pass in any given week very, very few are actually looked at. Good posters demand strong graphics and few words! Marketing for Profits Ltd (2004) This type of advertising will work well for Vodafone as they're target audience is huge. Also they are linking the posters in with the TV adverts
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