The Marketing Environment

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Executive Summary This report aims to discuss the three parts of the marketing environment; The macro-environment, the micro-environment and the internal environment in relation to the Apple Watch which has yet to be released. The report will look at the possibility of success for the Apple watch in the UK market once it is released and how the levels of the marketing environment impact this success. In the report the threat of competitors in the micro-environment is stressed as the most considerable factor in Apple’s success with their Apple Watch due to their late entry in to the market, whilst also considering other factors from both the micro-environment and the internal environment. The role of economic factors, technological factors and social factors will be discussed in the macro-environment section of this report. In the micro-environment the report discusses competitors and suppliers whilst in the internal environment section, the effect of employees is spoken about in terms of how they can potentially aid the companies success. Table Of Contents Introduction 4 Method 5 Analysis and Interpretation 6 The Macro-Environment 6 Economical 6 Technological 7 Social 8 The Micro-Environment 9 Competitors 9 Suppliers 10 The Internal Environment 11 Employees 11 Conclusions 12 Recommendations 13 References 14 Appendix 17 Introduction Apple are

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