The Marketing Environment Southwest Airlines

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The Marketing Environment Southwest Airlines
Every industry from healthcare to manufacturing faces environmental challenges. Many thoughtful companies respond through various marketing strategies. The airline industry, in particular, seen a host of environmental factors since 2001 including air quality, climate change, emissions, and noise regulations to name a few. Southwest airlines, in particular, have taken specific tactics to both blunt and exploit these environmental factors. As a result, Southwest has a market strategy that allows continuing as a major airline carrier in the United States.
Common air pollutants found in the atmosphere are particulate matter, ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides (Southwest) and lead.
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The company hit a milestone towards the improving of services in a way that is environmentally friendly, and beneficial to the human being and other lives in and around airports. The core value of strategies being, efficiency and climate change (Southwest).
In this effect, the airline adopted several approaches of dealing with pollutions resulting from aviation practices, which aimed at reducing the environmental pollution, while ensuring the safety of passengers and the environment at large. For instance, the airline embraced the development and use of Sustainable Alternative Aviation Fuel (SAF) which resulted in an improvement in the environment, conservation and emission reduction (FAA 6-8). Research shown the use of SAF will reduce up to 80% overall carbon over full use. The tests carried out by over twenty airlines have shown a technical compliance with the conventional jet fuel carbon offsetting where airlines supposed to invest in the projects aimed at avoiding, reducing or removal of carbon emission in a particular journey(Bilgen 893). This is achieved by either intergrading the program into web-sales engines or to a third party offset provider (IATA). Tree planting, wind farms and hydroelectric production area as well aimed at carbon offsetting. Air traffic management

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