The Marketing Environment and Consumer Choice Essay

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The Marketing Environment and Consumer Choice

One of the best ways of improving corporate image in the automobile industry is by ensuring that the industry satisfy the needs of consumers. These needs would include the utility derived from their product, the safety assurance of the brands and the overall best performance in the lifetime assessment as for the environmental effects. There is a global concern over the carbon dioxide emission in the Automobile industry and the consumers are now given a chance to adopt a lifestyle that is caring to the environment. The electric and Hybrid brands have promised to revolutionize and rival the traditional cars in their economy on fuel and their friendliness to the
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According to Toyota Motor Corporation (2008), Electric and hybrid products benefit customers because they utilize less fuel and they hurt the environment less due to their less carbon dioxide emission, a point which has been emphasized by Mills (2008). In their marketing, companies have advertised the electric and hybrid vehicles as of benefit to customers because they reduce noise, vibration and harshness and more on the satisfaction on the increased social benefit (OECD 2009). Consequently, marketing of ZEVs has been an easy task for marketers in the public sector. In the marketing mix, pricing has been a factor; ZEVs are usually more expensive than the ordinary vehicles by virtue of their being environmentally friendly. These brands include; for instance, the hybrid brand Toyota Prius; which attracted a lot of demand in 2008. According to the analysis of the premier General motor forum, conducted on the internet in 2008, the reported that 72 per cent of people were interested in buying hybrid cars while an average hybrid costs $5,000 more than a regular car (Toyota Motor Corporation 2008). This is evidence enough that the pricing factor does not affect much the demand of ZEVs provided people are assured of the brand’s reliability (Byrne & Polonsky 2001). The other marketing mix factor is the promotion of the ZEVs, which requires just the attention of the public on the importance of adoption of
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