-The Marketing Goals And Objectives. Write Down Specific

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- The marketing goals and objectives. Write down specific goals and objectives of its company intends to achieve by advertising and marketing. For example, using the customer 's specifications, its goal is to increase its customer base by 10 percent more than the amount available to the client, and then this is one of its goals.

- Calculate the marketing and advertising budgets. Check how much money it can spend on marketing and advertising of its efforts. Usually the first few years in business, has allocated 20 percent of the total budget for marketing and advertising. The advertising and marketing budgets are generally reduced to 5 percent to 10 percent of the company 's activities in the years to come.

- Decisions on marketing
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Often a large disconnect between the short- and long-term plans. Indicators, many people have no connection with the management of the business day to day and hits to forecast month, seems to be a business, not the other way around, the management team can benefit from. Discuss the procedure to connect the strategic vision of the company 's strategic business plan to get the results more predictable, timely and accurate. Review KPIs and communication, strategic vision to help change the organization and communication roles and responsibilities.
- Take advantage of simple solutions Leaves is the tool of choice for the design process. Sorry, spreadsheets are prone to errors and to reduce the level of reporting, analysis can be performed by the Company will consider the software "big box" that require significant effort to deeds. Support cloud-based solutions applicable Affordable and easy, like Analytics, its host improved budgeting, planning and forecasting firm.

o What new ideas it can implement in future advertisements?

- Create positive physical environments which do not require financial investments - a vase filled with fresh flowers or a showcase of creativity can make a big difference.
- The procedure for proof of purchase to get customer experience when buying goods or services. The poor can break and other marketing mix elements.
- The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, can lead to customer satisfaction and can offer a unique experience for the organization
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