The Marketing Handbook Critique

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The Marketing Plan Handbook Written by Alexander Chernev In The Marketing Plan Handbook, Chernev gives a simplified approach to writing marketing plans. It outlines the basic principles of writing a marketing plan and it puts emphasis on marketing as a value-management process. It incorporates the relevant aspects of the business, such as the financial, operational, technological and organizational aspects. Chernev states that marketing plans do not have to be lengthy but should contain need-to-know information and not so much nice-to-know information which is not directly related to the decision at hand and is rarely actionable. He breaks down the marketing plan in eight parts: executive summary, situation analysis, goal, strategy,…show more content…
This section will focus on customers’ needs, identifying collaborators and their strategic goals and identifying the competition that provides similar products. The tactics part of the marketing plan defines relevant product and service characteristics. It will also include the pricing of the product and how the information is communicated to its target market, stakeholders and company personnel. The implementation section outlines the organizational structure of the business unit and its relationship with collaborators. It will define the business processes involved in implementing the strategies and tactics of the company. It will also outline the implementation schedule. The control portion of the marketing plan identifies the criteria for evaluating the company’s performance and progress toward its goals and the metrics for evaluating the environment in which the company operates. The exhibits in the marketing plan provide additional information that illustrates particular aspects of the marketing plan. It will consist of various types of information which can include marketing research data, financial data, and project management. This can come in the form of tables, charts and appendixes. The Marketing Plan Handbook Written by Alexander Chernev Criticized by Desiree Williams Even though
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