The Marketing Implications of the Buyer Decision Process of Nestlé Cookie Crisp

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The marketing implications of the buyer decision process of Nestlé Cookie Crisp.

Executive Summary
The marketing implications of Nestlé Cookie Crisp were examined in relation to the stages of the buyer decision process. This report looked at the aspects of each stage in the process, and considered the implications of each issue on the marketing of Cookie Crisp. Since the process is guided in some stages by unexpected factors and the behaviour of other consumers it was found that marketing research must be done and the findings used to influence each stage of the process. Also a regular measure of customer satisfaction must be done to constructively determine the success of Cookie Crisp and other products from Nestlé.

Terms of Reference
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Evaluation of alternatives
According to Jobber and Fahy (2009), there is a criteria used to evaluate alternatives; technical, economic, social and personal criteria. For the marketer, the criteria needs to be in favour of Cookie Crisp to influence the buyer’s decision to choose it over another cereal or a similar cereal such as Kellogs Cookie Crunch which is advertised as containing Chips Deluxe and Keebler’s fudge striped cookies.
Technical criteria in this instance would be related to taste and looks of Cookie Crisp. Reviews on Cookie Crisp in terms of taste and style/looks on what is advertised to what the actual product is, can determine the choice made by the buyer. The economic criteria would encompass the price, the value for money and lifestyle costs. Price is a factor that determines for some people whether they would purchase a product but the perceived value for the money also influences the choice if it is a new product on the market. Social factors such as belonging and status can also influence the buyer’s decision as well as personal factors including the morals, emotions and self image of the consumer.
In marketing Cookie Crisp the marketer would have to take into consideration the target market, their personal needs, the price and taste of the product and the value of it over the competitor’s offer. When these criteria are
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