The Marketing Manager Of Vincor

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ABOUT THE COMPANY With revenues exceeding over $400 million, Vincor manages to hold its position as the eight-largest distributor and producer of wine and wine related products in the world. Vincor is primarily a Canadian company and ever since 1874, it has only been successful. THE ISSUES Kelly Kretz is the marketing manager of Vincor’s refreshment business in Canada. In October of 2005, she is faced with demands of various new product launches. Not only does she have to manage the leading cooler brand portfolio, but also work on Project Twist. The gist of this project entails launching a new alcoholic beverage to the refreshment market. Deciding on the product characteristics, positioning, branding, packaging and distribution strategy is what follows next. From the strategic lens, Kelly has two major issues at hand: 1) Determining the target market characteristics 2) Positioning the new beverage accordingly for the project to be sustainable. THE MARKET Opportunity The $230 million Canadian Refreshment Industry has Vincor as its second-largest distributor. Apart from Smimoff Ice which holds a 26 percent market share, Bacardi Breezer with a 17 percent market share and Mike’s Hard Lemonade with around 9 percent, Vincor’s two products alone represent 15.9 percent of the overall refreshment industry. Growers is Canada’s number one cider, and overall VEX Hard Lemonade is the third-spirit cooler. The adult Canadian population that has consumed at least one type of cooler is

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