The Marketing Mix Of A Company

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THE MARKETING MIX A company has to analyze which are the customers ' needs in order to design the best product or service that satisfies these needs. This is the task of marketing. If the business wants to know which are the strategies more suitable to put this product or service in the market, it uses the instruments of marketing mix (or controllable variables). The principal contribution made by marketing to the achievement of objectives is via the marketing mix. In fact, this strategy develops products and services to meet the needs of target groups, communicating their benefits to target audiences and ensuring that they are available in the right time. The marketing mix is a convenient framework for satisfying customers ' needs…show more content…
6.1 PRODUCT By the analysis of the product, we should understand the following sentences: • The nature and importance of product strategy • The role of the product within the overall marketing mix • The dimensions of brand strategy The product is dealing with the elements of the marketing mix. We focus on what is commonly acknowledged to be the most important single element of the marketing mix. Product policy is or should be a preoccupation of marketing managers. In fact, the principal concern of most organizations is therefore product policy and management rather than market policy and management. The concept can be interpreted from two points of view: 1. Focus in the necessities of the consumer: the product is a group of profits. 2. Focus in the product in itself: the product is a group of characteristics or attributes. From the marketing focus, it is interesting for us to know the concept of product centered on consumer’s necessities. From the production focus, it is interesting for us to know the concept of product centered on the product. Kotler said: “all products have basic inherent profits”. The next thing we have to consider is the formal aspect of the product. For example, if the product is tangible or not. The formal aspects are sign, quality, design and packing. The product has an added aspect, with this one; it has increased the concept of the product. These are after-sales
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