The Marketing Mix Of Ikea

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1. Introduction
Marketing mix is the basic concept of marketing. It is a controllable tool for the marketers and primarily defined as 4 elements: price, product, promotion and place that were first suggested by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960.
This essay intends to evaluate the effectiveness with which the different elements of the marketing mix have been integrated together to form a consistent and coherent offer to the customer in IKEA. The main point is the marketing mix in IKEA. In this essay, I will organize my argument as follows. Firstly, what is the marketing mix. Secondly, the marketing mix in IKEA and finally, the effectiveness of the marketing mix in IKEA.

2. Marketing Mix and Marketing Mix in IKEA
Marketers use the marketing mix as an important business tool. The marketing mix is known as four Ps: price, product, promotion and place and is often decisive when determining a product or brand 's offer.
The four Ps of the marketing are described as follows in brief: Price, the amount that the customers paid for the product; Product is the goods or service which is offered by company in the market, it includes visible products and invisible products, such as services, ideas, etc.; Promotion, means all the different communication methods that the company may use to provide the information of the product; Place, refers the location where the product or service is available to the consumer.
Goi (2009) indicated that the important reasons that the marketing mix is a
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