The Marketing Mix Of Kellogg's Marketing Concepts Of Marketing

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Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating and supplying customers needs and wants efficiently and profitably. It is head of the pyramid that includes product researching and development promoting, advertisement and sales production and service. Marketing has many benefits some of which are, establishing brand recognition, build authority and credibility, gaining and retaining customers etc. The process or the strategy used to identify consumer's needs and wants is called the marketing orientation, which are the production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing.
The Production Concept
The production concept states that consumers prefer products that are available and extremely affordable. It is the seller guide to all marketing management orientations. Companies that apply this orientation have a great risk on focusing too shallow on the operations and losing the bigger scene of its real objectives. Its management focuses on the improvement of products and its distributing effectively.
The Product Concept
This concept states that customers prefer products that own high quality, performance, and innovative features. The management focuses on producing and improving continuously its products and service.

The Selling Concept
In this concept the
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The pricing marketing mix of Kellogg's was making sure the providing consumers with quality products in exchange for their money. Kellogg's has ensured that its products are available in everywhere from supermarkets, to on to go and even through internet, which makes its easy for consumers to purchase from them and understanding consumers behaviors, this Kellogg's place marketing mix. Finally for its promotion, it has used exciting marketing communication, to make consumers thirsty for consuming their

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