The Marketing Objectives For Pepsico

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The marketing objectives for PepsiCo will focus on the key elements, product, place, price and promotion which make up the marketing mix. In total, PepsiCo is ranked third in the leading food and beverage companies on a multinational level resulting in a 38.4 billion dollars in revenue for 2014. Financial objectives for 2016 will be to exceed this total revenue by increasing the sales of products by 15%. These objectives will be achieved by increasing nutritional value as well as focusing on brand expansion and increasing company image through environmental aspects and improvements and placement in new target markets. Pepsi co currently owns 36.4% of market share in snack segment which include Frito Lays, Doritos --- and other convenience products. Most importantly, in comparison with our main competitor Coca-Cola, PepsiCo has kept its market share of 20% in the soft drink aspect for the past ten years in the distribution of soft drink products Pepsi-Cola, Diet-Pepsi and Mountain Dew. The price marketing objective will be focused on keeping product price low in comparison to our competitors as well as exceeding the current market share. To achieve this, PepsiCo will focus on options that provide increased and improved nutritional value to our consumers. Often times, nutritional products and raw materials come at a higher cost to consumers because of the ingredients as well as the increase in cost of nutritional labeling. To ensure that the lowest costs to achieve labeling

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