The Marketing Of Coca Cola

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Over the years Coca-Cola has produced thousands of advertisements, appealing to the different senses. Along with trying to maintain a broad enough audience, to become the number one soda producer in the world. Starting with the vintage advertisment from 1886, when prohibition laws were being to be passed. This advertisement was placed near drink fountains, and convenience stores where coca-cola was sold in bottles. The second advertisement was published in May 2015, currently circulating inside of the Netherlands. Both of the advertisements attempt to appeal to everyone and anyone, who are in search of personal happiness. Regardless of the century gap, Coca-cola claims to be the drink that produces happiness and relief from the ecosocial problems experienced throughout everyday life. Inside of the vintage Coca-cola advertisement, is a section of imperialistic columns. Containing the brand name in circa 1860 calligraphy, followed by additional imperialistic flare details. Centered in the advertisement is a direct statement from the company “Is a delightful palatable” “Healthful” separated with a fleur de lis, followed by beverage, men, ladies all in extra bold. Thus stressing that the drink is the best choice for both men and ladies. A key difference is the classifications of primary target audiences for men, such as business, professional, students, wheelmen, and athletes. While for women, it is “ladies when thirsty weary despondent”, a much broader audience. The

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