The Marketing Of The Coca Cola

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The main purpose of advertising is to inform people about products offered by an organization, persuade people to buy the product by using pathos, ethos, logos, or other techniques. The organization hopes that people will remember them and repeat the purchase. The Coca-Cola ad is presented as a Coke bottle with a burst of colors shooting out with smiling faces of women in the midst of all the different colors. The women are presented to be from the 60 's. In fact, the most recognizable woman in the print ad is Mary Poppins. The style gives off an odd feeling, and brings out nostalgia. There are men in the ad as well. They are looking at the women with pure adoration and love. Coca Cola bottles are located everywhere in the ad, in forms of bottles, cups, and even in boxes. With this Coke ad, Coca Cola chose to use a colorful scheme to appeal to the audience’s fun and free-spirited side, and a line saying “live on the coke side of life.” By using pathos, ethos, and logos, Coca Cola were able to construct a successful ad. For instance, in the Coke ad the first thing consumers will notice are the colors and how they are incorporated in the image. The background is red with a regular, classic, Coke bottle. Red is a powerful color and it grabs people 's attentions. The color red can stimulate appetite, and increase craving for food and other stimuli. The ad also includes other bright colors with a few neutral colors all exploding out of a Coke bottle. In the center of the ad
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