The Marketing Plan For Dick Smith Foods

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1 Introduction The number of Australian food producers are fading quickly, as the number of competition from overseas companies increases (Lynch, 2014). Dick Smith Foods, established in 2000, markets a range of food products that are exclusively made in Australia, by Australian owned companies (Dick Smith Foods, 2014). Dick Smith Foods was created as a means to provide an alternative to the ever increasing foreign owned grocery items. To date, all profits of Dick Smith Foods are donated to charities. The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed IMC Campaign Plan, in order to reveal the potential of Dick Smith Foods in the midst of the increasing overseas product competition. This report is divided into the following main sections: Situation Analysis section, Communications Objectives, Creative Strategy, Media Strategy, Samples section, Campaign Evaluation, and the Budget section. 2 Situation Analysis Summary Dick Smith Foods believes and advocates the right of each country to do what they do well, and for Australia that is to produce high standard consumables. However, presently, Australia is a net importer of fruit and vegetables (Fyfe & Millar, 2012). The increase in competition from foreign companies is threatening the livelihood of Dick Smith Foods (Lynch, 2014). Dick Smith, Australian Entrepreneur and founder of Dick Smith Foods, has recently articulated the difficulties faced by Australian companies when competing with foreign owned companies, who have “deeper

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