The Marketing Plan For Pepsi

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Pepsi Ad Review “We wish you a scary Halloween!” is printed at the top of this very effective Pepsi print advertisement. Pepsi has been creating print advertisements for many generations, in order to market its product to the consumers, and to compete with Coca-Cola and other soft drink brands. The Pepsi Halloween ad is effective at grabbing the consumer’s attention through use of picture, lighting, direction, colors, brand symbol, texture, message, theme, competitiveness, and feelings created by the designer, as well as ad placement and target audience. This review will discuss the ad that was released during the Halloween holiday season of 2013, characteristics of its design, and how that it was an effective print advertisement. The designers did a fantastic job of creating a Halloween theme to grab the attention of the target audience, and created a mood of fear through use of design, lighting, texture, and hidden scary objects. The only word printed on the ad are placed at the top centered like a title and says “We wish you scary Halloween”. The Halloween theme of the ad shows a Pepsi can wearing a red cape with Cola Coca written on it, placed on top of rock with jagged rocks behind it. The scene is dark like the night on a mountain side with the moon light shining more directly on the Pepsi can. The rocks behind the can are jagged with sharp edges pointing toward the Pepsi can, while the can itself is standing on a rock that has moss coverage, more so than the

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