The Marketing Plan For Starbucks

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Society today is deeply sensitive. As time moves on, people find more and more avenues in which to be offended. People today are offended by what others wear, the use of the word “man” in the Bible, and nearly anything else where an excuse may be formulated. It appears the only way to avoid offending someone or stirring up controversy is for one to simply to sit quietly at a table and drink their morning coffee. However, it turns out there is a chance of offending someone quite deeply by even doing this. Starbucks unveiled their 2015 holiday cups on the first of November. The simple, blank red cups have created a large amount of controversy regarding whether or not they should have used the words “Merry Christmas.” A Christian blogger named Joshua Feuerstein posted a video on Facebook four days later, where he declares that Starbucks “hates Jesus.” Starbucks responds that they are simply attempting to create an open environment, and are enabling others to draw their own stories and experiences on their cups (Whitten 1). However, as is becoming increasingly common with the current generation, they are ignoring an obvious fact: it is just a cup of coffee. As this battle rages on, there is little if any good that will come as a result. Overall, society needs to realize that some issues are insignificant, and taking them as seriously and as personally as many people do causes more harm than good. According to Dan Evon of, Starbucks has released Christmas designed

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