The Marketing Plan For The Business Plan

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In a highly competitive world, with so many choices for consumers is of vital importance for the companies develop their brand, something that identifies them and differentiate among others, and when customers buy their product they receive more than just a product. Such is the case of Apple, where many people know the real cost of producing an iPhone, however they are willing to pay the price for what the brand represents for them. By the time the company has established their brand, it is equally important to protect it and continue the development and positioning it in the market. Therefore, there are numerous models of communication plans, the firm should use the one they find appropriate for them. In essence communications plans have several disciplines that interrelated and in synergy would support the business plan can create an effective communication plan with results potentially beneficial to the positioning of the brand. These disciplines are: advertising, paid search, social media, customer communications, exhibits and fairs, sales support, public relations (PR), and sponsorship. Paid search, is the discipline responsible for finding the right algorithmic that a potential customer could use to search for a product/service that the company offers online. Consumer communication is how the company informs to customers about something that will have an impact on the process or service. Exhibits and events, are occasions in which the target market is present and is

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