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Executive Summary Otto Bock Australia is launching a new product the Sport Genx Prosthetic Knee to position the company in the sports prosthetic market. Accordingly, a marketing plan has been produced that is consistent with the social enterprises values being that of restoring quality of life to people with disabilities. The positioning of the brand will be based on the following positioning statement - To target people with disabilities who have lost limbs by providing microprocessor or manually controlled prosthetic solutions and rehabilitation in order restore to them a quality of life. The implementation of the NDIS means that annually over $20m will be allocate to expenditure on medical devices for disabled people. Ordinarily,…show more content…
The goal of each product developed is to improve the mobility of the person using it and all products are made by hand without large production lines. Otto Bock is active in social responsibility through the Paralympics and other sporting events, through the Otto Bock foundation supporting children that have lost limbs in natural disasters, education of health professionals and lastly through the huge proportion of profits that go into the research and development of new products. Otto Bock is a commercial enterprise as well as it strives for economic success through the selling of high end electronically controlled prosthetics to higher net worth individuals. In Australia Otto Bock started in 1974 (Otto Bock Australia, 2015) and has a local head office in Baulkham Hills Sydney, notwithstanding the fact that it operates across the country. All employees live by the values of customer satisfaction and returning quality of life to all people that the company service. Macro-environmental analyses A well-known marketing book (Armstrong, Adam, Denize, & Kotler, Principles of Marketing, 2015) lists the following environmental factors influencing the company from a macro point of view: political, economic, social and cultural (society’s values) and technological. Political A research paper (Buckmaster, 2016) explains how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) introduced in 2016 will

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