The Marketing Plan Of San Juan Islands

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2. INTRODUCTION San Juan Islands, an archipelago part of the US’ state of Washington, have been well-known since the early 20th century for its scenic nature and abundant wild life. Their landscapes have transformed a rural county into a popular tourist destination and have continuously been invented and commodified for tourism. In 2014, tourist expenditure reached almost US$200mn, generating jobs and services in the whole county. Previously to the establishment of the current DMO in 1999, San Juan Islands Visitor Bureau (SJIVB), there were a scarcity of resources devoted to tourism and a passive approach in promoting the Islands. Under the management of the DMO, the county has risen to become America’s favourite place for retirement. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the 2016 destination marketing and budget plan of San Juan Islands, drawing on Middleton et al. (2009)’s marketing planning process. This report will also give recommendations regarding the marketing research and sustainable tourism management. 3. 2016 DESTINATION MARKETING AND BUDGET PLAN OF SAN JUAN ISLANDS This section will be dedicated to the evaluation of the 2016’s destination marketing plan of San Juan Islands that sets out goals and concrete strategies at operational level for a short-term period. The evaluation will draw on Middleton et al.’s (2009, p.207) eight logical steps of the marketing planning process and other relevant literature. 3.1 Diagnosis Middleton et. al (2009) argue that the

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