Essay about The Marketing Plan of Niften Shampoo

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Marketing plan for Niften Shampoo
Liu Ye(Jack)

Table of content
Executive summary 3

1. Research of the product and brand 4 1.1Consumer analysis 4
1.1Market analysis 6
1.3Organization SWOT analysis 9
1.4Niften product analysis 11
1.5Competitor analysis 11

2. Marketing strategy 12
2.1Building operation 12
2.2Locating product in
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However, for men, they would be more rational when buying. * 42% consumers express that they would like to buy shampoo in supermarket or a wholesale store like Costco.
To conclude, more product poured into Chinese market, the way consumer to make the decision buying product is changing respectively. 1.2) Market background analysis
Chinese shampoo market belongs to couple giant co-operations. They are not only take the most market share, and brand image influence, they also get fund, technology, and operation advantage. Based on the survey, Head & Shoulders and Pantene are the two biggest brand in the market which they take 66% if market shares. We have huge market quantity here in China, there are 2000 shampoo manufacture and more than 3000 shampoo brand, total sales revenue would be more than 3 billion Canadian dollar, and also, total production and total sales are the top of the world, and it still increases. 1.2.1) Price
Procter & Gamble and Unilever adjust their price since April 2001. Nowadays, we can distinguish the product into three levels by pricing. The capacity all 400ml.
A. High price: the price range is around 10 to 15 dollar.
B. Mid-level: the price range is around 5 to 10 dollar.
C. Low-level: the price range is around 1 to 5 dollar. 1.2.2) Brand positioning statement
Based on
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