The Marketing Planning Process

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ASSIGNMENT THE MARKETING PLANNING PROCESS Student Name: Gulbaz Ahmad Student Id: M1003148 Module Title: Marketing Management London School of Business & Finance TABLE OF CONTENT S.NO | TOPICS | PG.NO | 1. | Executive Summary | 03 | 2. | Introduction of PepsiCo | 04 | 3. | Marketing Plan on Energy Drink | 06 | 4. | PEST Analysis | 09 | 5. | Porter Analysis | 10 | 6. | SWOT Analysis | 11 | 7. | Marketing Strategies | 12 | 8. | Critical Reflections | 15 | 9. | Conclusion | 21 | 10. | References | 22 | 11. | Links YouTube | 23 | Executive Summary PepsiCo have been operating in UK for the last 60 years during this span of time PepsiCo has introduced enormous food and snacks product in the UK…show more content…
Pepsi have an aggressive international advertising strategy in which they have taken many celebrities as a brand ambassador to create strong brand association. Pepsi have started its product diversification in 1965 after they have merged with Frito-lay. They have started to manufactured different snacks item for different region under the brand name of Pepsi co. Some of the popular products are: * Lays * Cheetos * Quakers Different strategies have been used by the Pepsi co in order to supply and sell these snacks, along with these products parallel marketing was implemented for the beverages product. More than 140000+ workers have been working in PepsiCo and it has the largest market share in snack and beverages in many regions, there are 400 different products in 200 countries are introduced by Pepsi Co. Many mergers and acquisition have been made by PepsiCo which result in new product development and innovation. These strategies have increased the profitability of the firm along with new target market and help to increase the market share. Energy Drinks Market In UK: According to the survey it has claimed that in carbonated drink Coca-cola is the market leader followed by PepsiCo and then proceeds by diluting drink by Robinsons. They are the main manufacturer, seller and retailer in the beverage industry. The UK region soft drink comprises of
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