The Marketing Research Planning Process

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Introduction In this paper we will discuss the process used in marketing research planning. There are eight steps to take in this process, identifying the problem, creation of the research design, choosing the method of research, selection of the sampling procedure, collection of data, analysis of the data, writing and presenting the report, and follow up. These steps will insure that the data collected answered the right problem and is useful to the client. Step 1: Identifying the Problem Identifying the problem is the first step in the marketing research planning process. You must find out what kind of data you are looking for. There are a few different types of data to be collected such as descriptive studies or causal…show more content…
It looks at the numbers and measures them to various variables. This kind of research is generally done with a very large sample size, asking the same questions to each person. Then measuring the results. The type of information that is gathered here will not be very probing with no open ended questions. Most questions will be a yes or no or multiple choices. One of the last examples of this kind of research that I participated in was when I rated this class. Step 6: Analyzing the Data Analysis of the data is where you break down the collected data and try to find links and of patterns in it to help answer the research problem that we started with. Step 7: Presenting the Report One of the most important and most often messed up is, writing and presenting the report. The person heading up the research will have to make sure that the information and recommendation is both credible and justified by the data, if he wants the recommendation to be followed. The report can be presented in many different ways such as a printed report, digital report, a presentation, or even a combination of them all. The recommendation that you make should reflect the knowledge gathered from the data collected. You must also state why you recommended the course of action. Step 8: Following Up Follow up with the firm, make sure that the research is being used and interpreted correctly. A good way make sure that the information is going to be used is
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