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Executive Summary

The New York research covers a complete sample breakdown of doctors and patients. This breakdown can be used to send surveys, as contact information for personal selling or promotion. The folder titled New York on the CD contains all information needed to conduct any of the things mentioned above. There is also an ample sports breakdown for the golf professionals. This is not a sample but all the private golf clubs and the golf associations that could be used for promotional needs as well as selling. All the information needed for this is found in the excel file in the New York folder titled "New York Research". All promotional information is mentioned in the
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Information related to Sport target group shows a list of all 75 golf clubs in Belgium. More detailed information related each specific topic wasn 't found because of two reasons, such as time limit and information availability. Excel file "Belgium research" provides detailed information related to Belgian psychologists that were found. The same counts for golf clubs. Extra information about Belgium includes Word documents containing information about Belgian ADHD support groups and Alzheimer 's disease support groups, additional to this PDF files include information about patients with Mental Health problems in Belgium. These .pfd files are taken from Belgian federal statistics website.

Unfortunately, not much information was not found about Luxembourg. The main reason of this is that information was not available. Available information includes Patients Breakdown and all 6 golf clubs of Luxembourg. Detailed information could be found in an Excel file called "Luxembourg research"

The total UK marketing research report draws basic information about the potential target groups such as doctors, patients and Golf professionals, insurance companies who are covering these kinds of treatments and promotional activities and tools to enter these new markets. There is a list of professional golf clubs in the UK but there was no clear information obtainable which shows that they are using bio-feedback or

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