The Marketing Segment Of The Discipline

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Cultural Distance is presumably measured by “the extent to which different cultures are similar or different” (Shenkar, 2001). This construct is now widely used and applied to most business organisation disciplines, such as, management, finance, marketing, and accounting. However, to better explain the impact on global marketing operations, this essay will focus on the marketing segment of the discipline. The study of cultural distance has been used to innovate and transform organisations into foreign expansions and technology transfer (Gomez-Mejia & Palich, 1997). Besides, looking at culture by itself, it is a complicated term to understand. It is seen as a woolly concept , almost impossible to observe and ‘measure’ (Tayeb, 2000c); by then adding the measurement of “distance” between different cultures presents a greater challenge due to the fact that cultural behaviour is not the same across the world. A close attempt at measuring culture would be to break it down to components or dimensions.
Culture has a big effect on how business relationship is created and communicated. For example, a marketer would have to approach a market based on the culture of that nation. To dig further, the marketer might even have to understand the sub-culture of the culture that he/she is marketing in in order to satisfy the target market. After the discovery of such influence in a business dimension, a range of cultural distance measurement frameworks were examined by experts such as Geert
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