The Marketing Strategies And Framework Implemented By Tesco Plc

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1.0 Introduction
Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The company is well known for selling food and general items but over the years it has developed and now has branches in finance, insurance, technology and many more. The variety and value for money that Tesco is able to offer its consumers has allowed them to secure the position of number one retailer in the UK in 2015 in terms of consumer choice and revenues. As a marketing consultant for Tesco PLC, it is the intention of this report to analyse the macro environmental factors influencing the company, their target market, their current market position within the market and their marketing mix strategies.
2.0 Macro Environmental Factors influencing the sector
2.1 Political Factors
Tesco is a company which operates on a worldwide scale meaning there are many global political factors which have an impact on how the business functions, such as tax rates, legislation and economic stability Tesco needs to be able to monitor these factors in 12 countries across the world. (BBC, 2013) Also, multinational companies such as Tesco are often encouraged to create jobs for the domestic population in areas where there is financial instability, which in turn, increases demand for Tesco products and services.
2.2 Economic Factors
Economic Factors are the usually the most concerning for Tesco as these have the most

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