The Marketing Strategies of Apple

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The Marketing Strategies of Apple, Inc.

BUS 330/Principles of Marketing

April 11, 2011

For the past 30 years, Apple, Inc. has been the pioneer in the computing industry with its landmark products. In 1976, the founders Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak introduced Apple Computers, Inc. to the American public which revolutionized the industry. The logo for Apple, Inc. F.K.A as Apple Computers, Inc. is possibly the most recognizable logo in history. It is just pure marketing genius on how they made this company a household name. For more than 3 decades, Apple, Inc. has introduced groundbreaking products and accessories that truly defy the technological barriers such as its Macintosh line of Mac computers and Mac OS X software
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Its advertising focuses on the value for the money vs. have the lowest price in the industry. It also uses the App Store to promote, demonstrate and assist customers with how to operate its new products and applications. Lastly, they use many major authorized retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best-Buy, Brands-Mart, Micro-Center or Target to display the i-product line, in particular, the i-Pods and i-Pads.
According to InsideCRM (n.d), “when shoppers sleep outside of store just to be the first to buy an iPhone, it is obvious that Apple, Inc. is a company that enjoys fanatical brand loyalty.” (¶ 1) Brand loyalty is described as the repetitive buying practices, satisfaction and trust that a consumer have to a particular brand. Brand loyalty is the foundation for Apple’s success. It is not something that is easily obtained. It takes meticulous planning combined with innovative marketing and the consistency of developing great products. As stated in InsideCRM (n.d.), “this brand success is not a result of dumb luck or forces beyond Apple’s control; it’s part of a well-thought-out plan to deliver

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