The Marketing Strategy Adopted By Mcdonald Essay

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Introduction This case study analyses the new marketing strategy adopted by McDonald’s in order to adequately prepare the company for changes that occurred in the fast-food market. The aim of this case study is to depict the Healthy Menu which is part of the marketing strategy called Plan to Win Strategy that had been announced in 2003 after the company reported two consecutive years of loss. On the 7th May 2004, a documentary called Super Size Me was released to make people aware of the risks of having a diet based on fast food. McDonald’s was the focus of this documentary. It followed a man who ate all of his meals at McDonald’s for 30 consecutive days. The end the documentary highlighted all of the health problems that this person had after the month long experiment. According to the documentary, in the same month the documentary was released, McDonald’s introduced the “Go Active!” an adult Happy Meal. 6 weeks after this movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, McDonald’s announced they were eliminating Supersize options. However McDonald’s said that these decisions had nothing to do with this film. a. Market type: fast food or something like that The fast-food market is a dynamic, cut-throat market due to the number of competitors and a wide variety of marketing campaign and types of food that can be found in this market. Large companies, who compete against their peers in an attempt to keep, or grow their market share, usually dominate it. The wide variety of
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