The Marketing Strategy For Getting People's Attention Online

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Content marketing, custom publishing, branded content- whatever you want to call it, it is a really

powerful strategy for getting people’s attention online. It has worked for so many companies and it is

sure set to work for yours as well. All you need to do is get it done excellently. Creating premium quality

content is not that simple but at the same time it is not very difficult. There are several companies that

are providing these services nowadays.

The thing about content creation is that it increases engagement with the audience and it is direct unlike

other marketing strategies. If you publish relevant content and share it around, then you are definitely

going to get customers coming to you. There are three companies- beloved of many- that have totally

revolutionized content marketing in the past few years. These are, Hubspot and American

Express (you know you love those black cards). These three companies have made the most of content

marketing in all possible ways from blogging to tweeting. They have also used link building which, as you

probably know by now, is like diamonds and gold to Google’s ranking algorithm. Content marketing is

the real deal when doing SEO today.

Hubspot’s story

Hubspot is the creator of Hubspot, the marketing software platform. This company clearly understands

what good content looks like and they have used it extensively for inbound marketing. According to

Hubspot’s cofounder, Dharmesh Shah, learning…
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