The Marketing Strategy Of Adidas

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1. Adidad strategy :
Strategy means where do you want to go? And do you want to get there ? In new markets in the business everything is change but to have apowerful strategy the business should work to create sustainable advantage through having new product to meet the need and wants (Herbiniank, 2006).
Adidas has different level of strategies the first one the group strategy which contains brand portfolio, innovation, markets channel, supply chain, and sustainability. The next strategy the global sales strategy which drives the market setup consolidating and adapting to changing on consumer behavior, the global brand strategy driving the long term development of adidas and reebok focusing on the consumer desire for their product is the
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Intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, licenses and secret formulas, franchise, trademarks, and others fall under the category of intangible assets identifiable, while the goodwill is an intangible identified the most common. Intangible assets can be classified as indefinite or specific, depending on the details. For example, a patent has a clear life or the time frame, while such schedules do not exist to the reputation of the company's brand name. (onlinelibrary.wiley, 2004) The consolidation statement for adidas shows the intangible assets as goodwill 1,169 and trademarks 1,432 and other intangible assets 162 ( page…show more content…
But there are basic guidelines can make the job are successful and some of which are shown below: (, 2015)
- Liquidity achieve and finical position: Determine whether you have enough financial capital through a thorough examination of liquidity. "Since the recession, most organizations focus turned away from the profit and loss statements and about liquidity," Once you determine if you have the cash to provide and maintain the investment, then ask if your capital structure can withstand the added strain. (,2015)

- Make sure your people to see clearly
Before closing the deal, you also need to ensure that you have a team in place with experience to assess the deal, the completion of the investment, expected performance and carry sensitivities about the results. "The ability to visualize and meet the challenges (financial and organizational) that you will encounter in integrating transactions and create a new company operating smoothly and be a key at all.
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