The Marketing Strategy Of Apple

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With Samsung doing so well in the cellphone market, Apple is going to have to step up its’ game in order to ensure that it stays right there with them at the top. Although Apple is constantly advertising worldwide and finding new and impressive ways to get its name out there, it is still in need of something that will send it flying ahead of Samsung. For Apple’s corporate strategy, it already uses a close-related diversification strategy. This strategy has assisted the company in finding out exactly what consumers want in this day in time. In a way, this gives an explanation as to why there are always constant updates and additions to the Apple IPhone. With the close-related diversification strategy, Apple has the ability to change its products based on what the people are saying. This type of diversification allows Apple to prove itself by showing its customers that it is capable of creating products that will fit their everyday needs. For example, Apple has just recently released a line of smart watches they named the Apple Watches (sport, edition, Hermes) which all have some incredible features. Apple Watches are not only watches, but are also an accessory to Apple’s line of cellular devices. The Apple watches fit a wide range of styles and tastes due to the fact that they were created by Apple to where they can all be personalized. At first glance, the Apple watches seem to be unbeatable but Samsung is releasing some tough competition. Samsung also has their own

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