The Marketing Strategy Of Asda

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An organisation’s strategy is usually influenced by strategic leader as their position and personality gives them the dominance over the development of a strategy. Personal development is a strategic action in the planning procedure of daily business, where managers with their leadership traits and necessary knowledge or expertise try to attain strategic goals of an organization.

For this assignment I have chosen Asda which is the second largest retailer in the UK, and has been the largest subsidiary of the Wal-Mart family of companies since 1999. ASDA has 321 stores across the UK and Northern Ireland, 29 depots and more than 148,000 colleagues. These all help to generate more than £15 billion of turnover.
In recent years ASDA’s colleague’s involvement with the community includes working with local communities to raise money for charities. This has helped ASDA to improve the way in which it meets its mission, purpose and values. Asda – the UK’s second largest supermarket behind Tesco with a market share of 16.9 per cent versus Tesco’s 30.5 per cent – is entering a new era. (marketing week june 2013). ASDA, which is one of the most popular retailers in UK, needs a clear vision and mission to set the direction in which the company should be heading. The vision of this company is to become the best valued retail chains in UK through excellent customer service and respect for the individual. Being a senior manager at ASDA, it is my responsibility to analyze the
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