The Marketing Strategy Of Desnoes And Geddes

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Marketing communications are intended to both inform and persuade a target audience, with a view to influence the behaviour of that group. The behaviour of interest to organizations can range from encouraging owners to adopt improved practices or to produce a particular product or service. As has been said on other occasions, each element of the marketing mix must be designed so as to further the overall marketing strategy, and this includes marketing communications.

Desnoes and Geddes Limited (D&G) produces one of Jamaica's best-known exports, Red Stripe beer. They are proud of the fact that Red Stripe is Jamaica’s coolest beer. It also brews other beverages for the local market such as Red Stripe Light, Dragon Stout, Malta, Smirnoff Ice, Guinness, and Heineken brand names. Only a small portion of D&G's shares are publicly traded. British beverage group Diageo PLC is the ultimate parent company. It has a 58 percent holding in D&G through Udiam Holdings AB of Sweden.

The past financial year has been challenging for Desnoes and Geddes. The company faces many challenges, not the least of which includes market forces, significant increases in manufacturing input costs, such as malt and mounting energy costs, have forced them to raise
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It is also generally short-lived; one off incentives intended to provide consumers with that last push to buy. This is the last traditional component of the marketing communication mix that is discussed as part of the marketing communication process. Sales promotion simply refers to purchase incentives that you provide your customer with. These can assume a number of forms including offering free goods or services, coupons and vouchers, gifts and prizes, discounts, money-off, competitions, samples, financial incentives, charitable promotions and any other value-add over and above your standard product or

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