The Marketing Strategy Of Gatorade

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Why do some people skip the ads but some would take a time to look at it? Isn’t it because the advertiser doesn’t usually get the job done so for some people some ads don’t always make sense but for others they get the message? My thing is whatever the product or brand is being marketed it should have a marketing strategies to grab the attention of the viewers and hopefully lure them to try or buy the product. Yesterday, I read an advertisement for Gatorade and I said to myself, no wonder why Gatorade has been at the top of their competition for a long time now. The secret is they know how to advertise! The flavor of their drinks has been the same for over a decades now. But like a weather Gatorade is year-round they never get out of…show more content…
But Gatorade has always been in this magazine no matter what sports is in the magazine Gatorade has always been the highlight of the ads in these magazines. The first two pages of the magazine are the Gatorade ads, it is a double page ad, the first page has the plastic bottle of Gatorade located in the lower left corner of the page, it’s an orange flavor drink with water droplets running down the bottle, the bottle label has the Gatorade logo the G logo and below is written thirst quencher, then next to the bottle is a message that says “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KEEP SWEATING” in an orange font, and the 2nd line of the message says carbohydrates to compete. Electrolytes to replenish in a white color, fonts. On the lower right corner of the page is the right shoulder of an NFL player name J.J. Watt then on the top of the page it says “YOU LOSE A LOT WHEN YOU SWEAT BUT REFUSE TO LOSE IN THE RED ZONE” all in white color font, on the second page of the ads is the head shot of the NFL player J.J. watt he seems like he was celebrating a victory, his eyes are closed and mouth is wide open as it seems like he was screaming for victory. He was wearing their black jersey and on the upper right corner of the page, there’s an abbreviation NFLPA, which stands for National Football League Players Association. First, the advertiser used the celebrity endorsement because of the upcoming super bowl they hired a superstar player
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