The Marketing Strategy Of L ' Oreal

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L’Oréal is one of the top companies in France which is dealing with cosmetics. Its fame by 1980 had not reached the world in that many people found the products of this company to be very attractive due to high prices and culture. The idea continued to make the products of the company repelled in the market, and the management was very concerned to look on the ways to tackle the issue immediately. First and for most, the company introduce a brand which comes to attract the attention of the world 's market. The missing parts of the cosmetics in the market were filled in the entire world in an aim to make a portfolio of attractive prices. The move of the company to enter into American market was one of the best strategies to promote and…show more content…
These strategies helped the company to explore and exhaust the global market. In an aim to ensure that products remain steady in the channel in the distribution channel, the company acquires some new brands enterprises in the rest parts of the world and by five years, the products of the business had been felt in all areas of Asia, Europe, and America. The company further bought a California-based Redken and Maybelline. The corporate strategies, particularly in the United States of America, was aimed to conquer the American market and to provide the leading brands and the company believed that by doing so the world has made it a prominent in the global market. The company has gone via a lot of challenges and opportunities in making sure that the products meet the market demand. However, the company has got a lot to do to ensure that all its products reached the international market with a good image. The challenge that some of the products are perceived to be very luxurious should be addressed by doing extensive market research with an aim to get views of the clients. The corporate-level strategies which helped the company to grow well were the acquisition of the new brand takes in the rest parts of the world. It is very evident that these strategies were aimed at promoting the
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