The Marketing Strategy Of Motorola Essay

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The main aim of this study is to analyze the marketing strategy of Motorola with respect to UK mobile phone market. The study will mainly focus on the analyses and also on Motorola 's, market segmentation, marketing strategy; and Competition analysis. The study will explain each of the above mentioned terms in detail and will compare Motorola 's marketing strategy with that of its biggest competitor i.e. Nokia. Finally, the study will conclude with recommendations as to how their marketing will help Motorola to compete with its competitors (primarily Nokia) and how they can able to increase their market share in the UK mobile services.
Problem Statement:
Motorola rapidly became the largest mobile phone seller in UK. In 2006, its asset was more than £32.74 billion and it had 100 million subscribers. Until 2007, these figures have grown to over £38.8 billion and more than 138 million subscribers. However, the continued good performance of Motorola is threatened by a number of factors.
These threats come from various places, the most essential of these being the wild rivalry with the three other state-owned companies. However, this competition will be increased in 2007 when the British Telecom (BT) Telecommunications Agreement becomes effective, permitting foreign organizations access to UK 's broadcast communications market. This pressure is reflected in the way that the Mobile Phone Revenue per User has drop downed half in the last 3 years. Another real risk
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