The Marketing Strategy Of Southwest Airlines

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Southwest was founded in when a group of Texas investors, including Rollin King, M. Lamar Muse, and Herbert D. Kelleher, pooled $560,000 to form the Air Southwest Company. The fledgling airline began operations on June 18, 1971 (Southwest Airlines). Under the direction of President M. Lamar Muse, the airline offers six flights a day of back and forth between 12 flights of round trips daily between Dallas and Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Tickets for round trip cost $20. So like any company this giant company started small before getting big. The culture at Southwest makes it easier on Human Resources having to convince people to jump on board and also cuts down the turnover. If the employee is happy and is proud to be there they will vest in the company (Southwest Airlines). The culture at Southwest is comprised of three simple phrases a warriors achieving a goal, a servant 's heart, and fun loving attitude (that Southwest loves) (Southwest Airlines). Corporate Strategic is many times the direction an organization takes with objective of anticipating changes (Mathis). As far as keeping some key benefits alive one was Southwest was the first airline to offer a profit-sharing program to its employees, Southwest has an Adoption Assistance program that many employees are taking advantage of. It provides employees 12 weeks off leave with the adoption. Qualifying employees receive three weeks paid for an adoption. According to Kelleher, very focused on each person in the
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