The Marketing Strategy Of Starbucks

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3.0 Marketing Strategy Starbucks is ensuring that its marketing strategy never goes too far outside it 's culture. Composed of two key points. The first key point is Starbucks ' image. When an individual walks in to Starbucks, there is a friendly face to greet customers, color scheme is very cool and earthy, and same thing goes for smell too. Starbucks is ensuring that customers feel relaxed and comfortable in the coffee house. The second key point is the individual himeself/herself. According to Starbucks, individual is its culture. That is why Starbucks knows how to reach out to their customers. It may be through mobile phone application, website, or in-store. 3.1 Marketing Mix The portion of Strabucks marketing is reflecting the social aspects of their customers, while the other portion is focusing on rebranding of their locations. Starbuck 's marketing mix(4P 's) indicates the importance of this marketing tool as a way to ensure that the firm promotes the right product at the right place and with right pricing. 3.1.1 Product/Service The customers demand Starbucks to be innovative. Starbucks is focusing on the food side of the business. It would be very beneficial for the Starbucks to focus on their in-store items or baked goods. The test locations have already started to follow on this trend, and have provided positive feedback and results. Starbucks is continuing to innovate its product mix to capture the market. The product mix of starbucks is a result of

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