The Marketing Strategy Of Vitaminwater

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vitaminwater must create relevance as well as social currency through methods of marketing and advertising concentrated on current trends in society. The challenge examines how to convey this message to our directed target market, and to whom will this market primarily be focused on. While conducting research, it remains evident that vitaminwater is pursuing to invest in the consumers ranging from 15-29 years of age. Loyal customers and vitaminwater enthusiasts in the 30-39-age range remain devoted to the brand, which is necessary to incorporate into the marketing mix. The marketing strategy will demonstrate how vitaminwater is to create a strategic marketing brand strategy, as well as modifying design and product to incorporate modern…show more content…
From small beginnings in Queens, NY, Bikoff has transformed the brand vitaminwater to lead a 62% share in the flavored ingredient-enhanced water beverage category. As the brand grew to new heights, cities such as NY and LA drew cultural leadership in which the product reached to concentrate in metropolitan areas. Several TV and Pop Cultural personalities promoted the product to create the brand voice of a hip, socially acceptable and most importantly culturally relevant brand of beverages. In 2008, The Coca-Cola Company had made the strategic decision to own vitaminwater as a subsidiary by purchasing the brand and its product line for 4.1 billion dollars. "It 's a perfect match connecting the hottest active lifestyle brand with the full resources of the world 's best beverage company," said J. Darius Bikoff, glacéau founder and chief executive officer. "To best understand today 's announcement, you really need to go out, buy a bottle of vitaminwater and try it for yourself to see how well it works" (BevNET, 2007). vitaminwater, a nutrient enhanced water beverage, is sold in over 26 countries with 13 distinct flavors certain to revitalize senses. vitaminwater provides a convenient way to retain more vitamins and minerals as well as delivering essential antioxidants to replenish electrolytes. With no added preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or colorings, this product is
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