The Marketing Strategy Of Zara

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Marketing has become an essential part of companies operating in today’s business environment. The success of companies largely depends on its marketing strategies. It has thus become necessary for businesses to invest heavily in marketing to have chances of succeeding in the market. Zara, just like any other big business organization employs unique marketing model to help it achieve its targets. This paper examines the fashion marketing strategy and brand development strategies of Zara. Company Background Zara is a Spanish chain store of Inditex Group, one of the world’s biggest retail store in the world. Founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975 in Spain, where its still home of Zara’s headquarters today. Its strategic marketing model has helped…show more content…
Targeted customer for Zara in Australia is more for working people and more fashionable. They maximise return business by having new ranges every few weeks rather than the standard two-range winter and summer collections. The marketing strategies of Zara take into consideration the tastes and preferences of its audiences in all the markets it is operating in. It takes feedback from every market and develops fashion products for each of the markets after considering the trends in each particular market. This is one of the major strengths of the company that has helped it stay competitive in the global fashion industry. Zara Case Study Report | Khoi Nguyen 4 Brand Development Strategies The strategic development of Zara has seen the company maintain a strong position in the fashion industry. Its determination to respond to the needs of the customers has been a major contribution towards the development of its brand. The company strives to satisfy customers’ needs through maintaining close relationships with them. Its practice of delivering new fashions in its stores twice a week has made it popular among many customers across the word. Customers in the fashion industry always want something new and trendy. The company is able to deliver just that within the shortest time possible. To help it address the specific needs of the customer, the designers of the company’s products and the customers are interlinked.
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