The Marketing Teams Of Organizations

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Introduction: The marketing teams of organisations are facing a huge change in their traditional approach towards defining their communication strategies. This is due to not only the increase in digital landscape of consumer interaction with the brands but also better monitoring and recording of traditional marketing channels. Traditionally marketing teams of organizations have followed the marketing mix models (McCarthy, Jerome E. 1960) for choosing communications channels for targeting consumers. With the advent of terabytes of consumer information, the organizations need a completely new approach to design their marketing campaign strategy to make the most appropriate use of big data in order to build intelligent marketing plans. Thesis statement: Challenges and opportunities in using ‘big data’ to create effective marketing campaigns! Through the 1980’s organizations used marketing mix modelling (McCarthy, Jerome E. 1960) for creating marketing plans. This model helped the organisations identify and use the various marketing media like TV, radio and hoardings to target the consumers. To find the best use of budgets available for marketing the organizations used tools like primary research, surveys and focus groups to measure the success of a particular marketing campaign and gather insights for plans. The content created for messaging to be used for each media channel was independent of each other and each media monitored their effectiveness independent of how the
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