The Marriage Of Figaro Analysis

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The Marriage of Figaro During the first eighteen centuries AD the freedom of speech was under brutal attack. Everywhere, in the world there was political instability. Different part of the world was rocked by tyranny. In this time, to restore parity people had fought hard. One of the spotlight was France. Although, the Roman Empire had split long time ago, the monarchical division of the iron empire spread across the side of Europe. The revolution had to be choreographed appropriately and carefully, to counter this growing European tyranny and aristocracy. An art was used as a mode of communicating revolutionary ideas by artists. Using an art, a wave of revolution was established in France which turn out to be a fruit for the people of France. However, the force emerging from that piece of art was so high that no political opposition could managed to encounter, though they had banned the Marriage of Figaro. Against, the will of the people the government have been keeping artistic restrictions to stop the ideas the consider unfriendly for their survival and continued service. All most of all ways were using to stop the spread of a specific piece of art across all possible media. The marriage of Figaro, a story of a servant who stoop up to his boss and outwitted his master in France faced an original bean. Beaumarchais, the author of the play depicted the French aristocracy as lustful, degenerate and depraved. The game was considered revolutionary and banned at long last by
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