The Marriage Of John And Jaqueline Kennedy Essay

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The Marriage of John and Jacqueline Kennedy.

THESIS: Although the relationship of John and Jacqueline Kennedy evolved from friendship to love, their marriage was filled with tragedy, shame, and change.

I. The relationship of John and Jacqueline Kennedy evolved from friendship to love.      A. They met at a dinner party thrown by Charles and Martha Bartlett.
     B. Their marriage was called “the wedding of the year.”

II. Their marriage had many tragedies.

     A. Although three children survived birth, Jackie had many unsuccessful      
     B. President Kennedy
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Martha pushed Jack and Jackie together on the couch, served them cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and let them drink their heads off. Charles Bartlett says that he had nothing to do with it, his wife was the only matchmaker involved in this scheme. This was not the only time that they met at the Bartlett’s home. When they started dating regularly they sometimes met there for a game of bridge, Checkers, or Monopoly.
     Jack telephoned Jackie in London one day and proposed marriage. The engagement was announced in June 24, 1953 and the wedding was set for
September 12, 1953. (Davis 316) Joe Kennedy made sure that the wedding was well publicized as the “Wedding of the Year.” (Mills 108)(Davis 189) Police estimated that around three thousand onlookers watched as Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Kennedy emerged from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Newport for the first time and posed for the Associated Press, United Press, New York Times, Boston Globe,
Washington Post, and even Life magazine. The reception was held at Hammersmith
Farm and around 1,200 guests sat at tables on the lawn and ate creamed chicken.
Guests danced on the terrace to music played by Meyer Davis and at one point cleared the floor and watched the newlywed couple dance to “I Married an Angel” and “No Other Love.” Jackie presented her bridesmaids with monogrammed silver picture frames and Jack gave his ushers Brooks Brothers

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