The Marriage Of Same Sex Marriage

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For many years, anxiety toward obviously pervasive same-sex unions reached a peak when the state passed a law promising punishment to anyone entering a same-sex marriage. Today, romantic love between same-sex couples remains largely opposed to the political norm in modern-day America, but American tradition provides for some freedom for praiseworthy and devoted same-sex unions within communities, where the elders officially decide what constitutes an acceptable marriage. The idea has precedence in Scandinavia dating to as far back as 1989, when Denmark became the first country to allow legally sanctioned same-sex unions, coining the term "Registered partnership." Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium followed, with the Netherlands notably being the first to grant equal status of same-sex marriages to opposite-sex marriages. Studies of openly gay "Marriages" during the Sixties and Seventies showed just as much longevity and stability among same-sex couples as their heterosexual counterparts, except same-sex couples were terminally shackled by social prejudice, legal disadvantages, and economic discrimination. Until recently the direct causal relationship between married and unmarried couples could not be studied in any detail because there was no national count of the number of unmarried couples until the 1990 Census. The Defense of Marriage Act and prohibition of same-sex marriage was designed to protect “traditional” marriage but is also seen as a violation to human

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