The Marriage Roles Of Elmer And Lavera Enacted

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For Carolyn, the combination of faith and equality started in her earliest memories. In Chicago, the family attended “a Mennonite church that was intentionally interracial” (Huffman). The church has both white and black pastors and a strongly diverse congregation. As mentioned before, early experiences with racial equality also colored Carolyn’s thoughts on gender equality. Though heavily exposed to issues of racial equality at that age, gender equality was still far off. “We grew up with the idea that the man was the head of the household. That would have just been accepted in our family, in our church, in our relatives...that’s just how it was” (Huffman). The marriage roles Elmer and LaVera enacted came not only from cultural norms, but…show more content…
But I think that’s also, in some ways, been the hardest part. Because it moves so slowly. ...If there ever would have been anything that would have made me not be a Christian, or give up my faith, it would have been [gender issues] because so many people made it seem like you couldn’t be a strong woman or a woman that believed that you had equal voice, equal whatever if you were a Christian. They would pull these ugly verses out of the Bible and tell you them. It took me a long time to kind of figure out why - or maybe to justify my position, I’m not sure which - why I think what I think. Again, I think it’s related to racial issues for me - and gender issues. I really believe with all my heart, from everything that Jesus says in the Bible, that Jesus thinks we’re all alike. He says over and over again things about caring for the widows and the poor and the lepers and the downtrodden and the outcasts. I just think that message of respect and equality and inclusiveness and love for all is there. To me, it’s one of the central things about what it means to be a Christian. That love and acceptance for everybody....It’s also why, at this point, I feel the same way about homosexuality. Because, to me, that’s part of that. Yep, Jesus would accept us all. (Huffman)
Though change comes slowly for religious factions, change has come. Today, the Mennonite faith has female pastors, including one of Carolyn’s sisters, women in leadership, and does not
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