The Marriage Strike - Why Men Are Not Rushing to the Altar

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If one were to read any article by the average woman in the media – and some males for that matter – regarding the declining state of marriage rates today. One could reasonably think that the reason marriages are on the decline is that women are choosing not to get married or some other such tripe that ineffectively attempts to hide the truth of the matter. (Ayanna, G. 2010), (Dewitt.1992), (Rosenbloom, 2006), (Campbell, 2001) The actual reason for the decline in marriage rates is not because ‘women don't want to get married’ (a bitter anthem recited in retaliation to men's rejection of marriage.) but due to "The Marriage Strike." According to an article in “O” magazine author, Ann Marsh notes, "A 'marriage strike' is the social phenomena …show more content…
Women initiate these unilateral divorces-on-demand three times as often as men do (Whitehead et al 2002). While the courts may grant the former spouses joint legal custody, the odds are nearly 40 to one of the wife winning physical custody (US Census Bureau. 2000). Once the couple is divorced, odds are at least even that the wife will interfere with the husband’s visitation rights. Three-quarters of divorced men surveyed say their ex-wives have interfered with their visitation, and 40 percent of mothers studied admitted that they had done so and that they had generally acted to punish their exes (Rubin, 1997). Then, of course, there is the issue of financial losses due to court-imposed payments. In the end, the wife will keep most of the couple’s assets and the house. The husband will need to set up a new residence and pay at least a third of his take-home pay to his ex in child support, on top of whatever alimony payments the courts impose on him. These can run as high as another third of his income. Add the cost of taxes to that and the man gets to keep exactly 13% of his take-home pay (Rubin, 1997). Nevertheless, as bad as all this is, it would still make our hypothetical man the lucky one. After all, he could be one of those fathers who cannot see his children at all because his ex has made a false accusation of domestic violence, child abuse, or child molestation. He could be one of those

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